I consider myself a life-long learner. I don’t think there can ever be a point when we can claim to know it all. For that reason I shy away from calling myself an expert at anything. But what I am exceedingly sure of is my ability to continuously bring my best self to any space.

I thrive on my dynamism, I am what they call an agile lawyer, educator, leader, friend. You can count on me to bring thought-provoking ideas, solutions and conversation, ALWAYS. I am certainly passionate and knowledgeable about my continent, Africa, but the whole endeavour to outer space requires our undivided efforts to be truly sustainable, meaningful and globally impactful, so I adopt a worldview.

My current focus though? A lot of research and capacity-building in the space industry, through space law, space education, space entrepreneurship and outreach, but don’t let that stop you from reaching out, I am always keen for a challenge. I am a competent reader, speaker and writer. I am as dynamic as the industry itself, and I want to help you, your business, or your institution achieve the same through bespoke strategic solutions. Take a look at my profile and let’s chat!